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Hello, you guys!

If you haven’t read my short about me page, My name is Catherine and I am a married stay at home mommy to 3 young lads! I have spent quite some time contemplating sharing my day to day life with the world, as I feel it can certainly be a bit overwhelming! Then I told myself, “You know what? Someone out there might relate or benefit from what I have to say today!” Forgive me, I am a rambler! So, here we go…

I am a 28 year old originally from Charleston, SC. Growing up there has majorly played a roll in my love for history and why I am such an old soul! Charleston is such a beautiful and bright place! If you haven’t been downtown, all of the houses are a different pastel color and most of them started out in 1600s! I am obsessed! Growing up, my family had a love for horses which in return rubbed off on me! A little later on, we moved to North Carolina and we got a large amount of acres to put horses on. I began riding very young, but it wasn’t until my early teens that I started spending most of my time in the barn. I began riding every day after school and eventually competed Equestrian! I have to say, competing was “ok”, but I was more happy to just get that relaxing ride in with my horses. It was a major stress reliever! If we had the money and time, I would take up riding again in a heartbeat! They say when you truly love equestrian, you will always find a way to making it a passion again! We will see. Stay tuned!

I met my handsome husband (Michael) back in 2013! We actually worked together. LOL! Our connection was instant. At the time, we were both single. He asked me on a date and I immediately agreed. We hit it off and the rest is history! People who say to marry your best friend, are SOOO accurate! He is my number one. The person who stands behind me through everything, who always encourages me to follow my heart and always supports me! He’s my biggest cheerleader in life! Michael knows all of my quirks and helps me embrace my flaws. Although people call me quiet, he knows I can be a spit fire, and somehow is the only person who can get me to calm down and think instead of reacting on impulse. Michael and I value the smaller things in life, together! You know, like hiding our favorite snacks from our kids who can hear a wrapper opening from China! 😉

Michael and I didn’t do your average get engaged, get married a year later, after you’ve spent all your money thing (No offense if that’s what you did, I love that, it just wasn’t for us). He proposed to me in the comfort of our own apartment on October 28, 2014, with a bobby pin he used to make a ring! Maybe a little nerdy? I don’t know, but I was smitten! I obviously said yes and then he proceeded to give me “The real ring”. I thought it was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen! We then a few months later got pregnant and THEN decided to elope at the beach. We were married on April 4th, 2015, on Hilton Head Island. (This beach has become our go to vaca spot with our boys.) We had only the people who filled our lives with love and joy there. It may have not been your fairy tale wedding, but it was ours! I wouldn’t change a thing about that day, because in that day we were so blessed and overcome with happiness!

Going back a few years… When I was fresh into College, I was in a committed relationship with a guy who I ended up sharing a child with. When I found out I was pregnant (I was 18) My world got rocked, to say the least! I had to grow up very early in life. At the time, It was something I was very nervous and a little bit ashamed about. It was a time where young women were wrongly judged! I eventually got over that when my son Landon was born! He made me a mommy! He changed my whole lifestyle and helped mold me into a better person. Landon is now 8 years old and is very much my “helpful son”. He is always willing to lay down the law for his brothers and helps me around the house when I need a hand. His dad and I get along awesome and we actually have a friendship with one another! We actually co parent exceptionally well! It’s pretty cool! My husband and him get along beautifully and excepts Landon as his eldest son.

On August 06, 2015, Michael and I welcomed into the world our little cutie, Liam! Cut to now, he is almost 4 years old and very much his father’s son. It’s unreal! He is our wild card! He is so spunky, outgoing and he will tell you like it is! Right now, we are working through “terrible threes” and let me just say, the struggle really is real!! I am not sure how I am getting by! I know you toddler mamas feel me!

After I gave birth to Liam, your girl was TIRED, so tired that I don’t think I ever regained my energy. I was sure that I was done having babies. Until, about 2 years later, we welcomed our son, Luke. I may have not been prepared for another baby, but oh was my heart! This little angel is by far the sweetest, most snuggly child! I hope he stays this way.. Luke is now 15 months old. He is so smiley and happy every day! He is overly obsessed with his mama, let me tell you. Nobody compares to me in his world. Out of all of our sons, Luke is by far the most laid back child.

My husband and I made the big decision this past year, to officially call our family complete! We are and forever will be, The Johnson’s, party of 5!!


Now that I have shared my entire life story.. Moving right along! I am probably one of the biggest introverts you will ever meet. I didn’t choose the home body life, the home body life chose me! I love to be comfortable and I really am not a crowd person. I love being home curled up with my littles. Don’t get me wrong, I get major cabin fever on the regular! Unless we are at the tot park, the grocery store, the gym or the doctor’s office, we are home! I do love to travel! I recently had a talk with my husband about trying to plan more routine vacations when we get around to it. That will be something I will be sharing with all of you guys!

I love skincare/makeup. I am always buying and trying new products. It’s one of my weaknesses or a problem as my husband says… I hope to be able to share a lot about my current skincare routine with you all soon, as well as keeping everyone up to date, on brand new products I will be trying out!

My fashion (as I said in my about me) can be described as romantic, flowy, laid back. If that’s a thing. I live in Maxi dresses, jumpsuits, relaxed tees, occasionally jeans, oh… and I have a MAJOR obsession with chic AF pajamas. I don’t know, I guess that’s weird. Let me be honest, Pajamas are my wardrobe!

So, I am not a big “worker outer”. I work out because it keeps me healthy and helps me keep up with my kids! Do I love it? No, probably not! Honestly, I could use a push most days. With that being said, I am no expert! I am currently working out in the “comfort” of my home, with my trusty sweat app! I have to say, beside the fact that it’s ridiculously expensive, those workouts are hard AF! The app comes with weekly grocery lists too that have meal plans for the whole day. I don’t know if you are like me, but guidance is key for my fitness journey and healthy eating. So, this App gets me through! Just know, I will do my best to answer questions and give advice to the best of my ability, when it pertains to my fitness goals.

Wow! I feel like I just hit you guys with more than you needed to know! Sorry in advance. Let me tell you now, I am FAR from perfect, I still make incredible mistakes. I can only continue to improve and be the best version of myself! I am looking forward to chatting, laughing, and sharing more with you guys! If you ever have any advice for me or things you think I would like, please share your ideas with me!

That is all for now! 🙂

Lots of Love,




  1. Britt
    April 26, 2019 / 8:32 pm

    You are amazing! So excited for more 🙂

    • catmarieblogs
      April 30, 2019 / 4:28 pm

      Thank you, girly!! 🙂

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