My Night Time Routine

As a mom of three, getting the recommended amount of sleep these days is sooooo far from my grasp. I mean come on, If you are a mom and you are reading this, please tell me I’m not the only one who fears the evening hours?! I mean, I was never a morning person until now! See, there is something called “The witching hour” in our home. Let me explain. It’s basically what occurs right around the hours of 6pm- until around 8-8:30 pm (AKA bedtime hours). Basically, all of my children decide to turn into these extra terrestrial like toddlers who don’t know how to reason or use their inside voices. It’s maddening! Sometimes, I wonder if my dear, quiet, childless neighbors are going to call the cops due to the noise. Haha! Anyways.. As a stay at home mommy who is home alone quite a bit, I have come to the realization that trying to stick to a night time routine for myself as best I can, is truly the key to having a somewhat successful morning and day!

I cook dinner around 6 while helping my eldest (Landon) do his homework. I usually stick to simple meals, you know, the ones picky little eaters will eat. Bath time is between 7-730. I brush the babes teeth, and one by one we read a small book, say our prayers and voila!! The kids are asleep! I wish it was that easy every night, however, we do have a lot of in between “Omg, Are you kidding me”, moments. Once the boys are in bed (Usually between 8-9) I spend about an hour cleaning up the kitchen and all of the other messes from the day. Sometimes, depending on the chaos, It can be even later! My husband is a late nighter due to his crazy hours at work, so I’ll make sure he has a dinner plate in the fridge and then I go to take care of myself! SELF CARE! It’s so important, guys!

I find something so comforting about a nice warm bubble bath at the end of the day. If you are like me, this occurs once a week if I’m lucky enough. Usually, a quick shower will suffice instead. I have anxiety, always have! I need something that is going to really stimulate relaxation and help me not think about anything. If it’s a bubble bath, I make sure I light my favorite candle, dim the lights and fill the tub with some of my favorite bath oil. Then I wash my face with my night time cleanser, and complete the rest of my skin care routine (see skin care routine blog post in the beauty category) and 2 times a week I will do a face mask. I will spend about 30 minutes tops to allow myself to meditate a bit. Meditation for me is really key to keeping my anxiety in check. I like to give myself words of affirmation for the things I accomplished, rather than beating myself up mentally over the things I didn’t. After my bath is over, sometimes I will allow myself to have a glass (sometimes 2 haha) of wine and catch up on a show or a book I’ve been loving. Sometimes, It’s a fold as much laundry as possible kind of night. Depends on how I’m feeling. I have a hard time not staying up to late. I am one of those people that occasionally suffers from “fomo”. If you don’t know this slang, It’s the “fear of missing out”. I always feel like the day slips away from me soooo fast. After I’ve put the babes to sleep and I have cleaned the house ,then bathed, I want to hang out a bit! So, sometimes I set a timer! During that time of catching up on the things I enjoy, I make a list of all the things I want to accomplish in the following day. That includes a list of groceries, errands I need to run, or even fun activities I want to do with the kids. Making a list helps keep me accountable, especially with 3 kids and a husband. Without a list, I basically get in a slacker mind set, which isn’t good for anyone in my house haha! Now, do I always get my list accomplished, NO! The point of making a list is to have it written down, so you know those are the things you need to get done AT SOME POINT. It’s a written reminder. I am one of those people that doesn’t realize my life is in shambles, until basically everything is in complete chaos, and in return my anxiety and mood is as well. After my list is done, I drink a big glass of water, take my care/of vitamins (I take them at night because they are in a box on my bedside table and that helps me remember to take them) and then brush my teeth and go to bed. I have been sleeping with my anti aging pillow by Nurse Jamie, and it is soooooo amazing! It has anti aging benefits for side sleepers and also provides incredible neck support! I honestly really use it for comfortable sleep lately. Maybe I’m the only one who does this, but hey, don’t knock it until you try it! I was not expecting it to be that comfy! I love it!

I don’t always have the perfect routine, but I have found that taking a little bit of time for myself at night, really helps prepare me for a better day the next day, and so I can be the best mommy that I can be! That is my night time routine! 🙂

I hope you guys got something out of this post! Talk to you soon, loves!




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